Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Resurrection Day by Brendan DuBois

Resurrection Day mixes two of my favorite genres: Post-apocalypse/speculative history with crime/mystery.

It is the story, set in the 1970s, of a reporter, Carl Langly, a veteran working for a moderately respected Boston newspaper who meets a high-class reporter from the London Times who encourages him to chase down a lead that uncovers a conspiracy so unbelievable it jeopardizes his life and the lives of his friends/acquaintances.

The 'hook' is that the setting is an alternate history: in 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into the Cuban War and ended after the complete annihilation of Russia and the total collapse of the United States. New York, Washington DC, Miami, Omaha, San Diego, and 8 other sites are utterly destroyed by nuclear bombs, JFK and the rest of the Senate and House are obliterated in the first bomb. Great Britain and Canada are supplying the US with relief (troops, supplies, etc).

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Justin Lore said...

im a fan of how ALL of yr reviews involve books about the end of humanity.